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Welcome! I am Jet ter Halle and extremely passionate about capturing unique moments and pure emotions! I found people fascinating, so, I love to work with people and to capture their emotions. Perspective is the key word for me. Travelling showed me there are so many perspectives in life, so many ways to handle things, to celebrate, to create, to communicate... It constantly changes the way I think, look and act. In photography, there are so many perspectives as well, this attracts me a lot. I am an educator as well, to me the best way we learn is by experiencing and experimenting in an environment where we feel free and supported. If you experiment with others, you always gain more perspectives. 

In JTH PHOTO ART, all of this comes together. I create authentic shoots together with families, couples, friends, models and entrepreneurs in beautiful places. I can help you to collect those moments in which we feel full of joy or passionate about what you are doing and how you are helping others. 

Education is in my heart as well, to experiment together with like-minded people who are crazy and curious about photography makes me incredibly happy! I focus on 'beginners' in photography, who are truly open to discover. 
You are most welcome in one of my photography workshops or in my photography trips. 

I just moved to Paris with a big smile. My work locations are mainly in Paris and the Netherlands.  If you have a request for a shoot or photography workshop, don't hesitate to contact me. 


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